About Jive Search

How we protect your privacy

Jive Search is a search engine that doesn't track you. We don't store your personal information; that means we don't store your search terms, ip address nor information about your browser. Your search queries are your business and only your business! Unlike other search engines, we don't pass your search term to the links you click on and we don't follow you around the web with targeted ads. Because of this, you can break out of the filter bubble and get the search results you need, and not the search results someone else wants you to see.

Open Source means greater privacy!

Jive Search is 100% open source, meaning you can view our code and even run it yourself. Any search engine can claim they don't track their users, but how do you really know? Our commitment to open source sets us apart from other major search engines. If your current search engine is not open source, ask yourself, "What are they hiding?".

Jive Search is available on Tor!

We are committed to protecting your privacy and have made our service available on the Tor network. Please note that you will need to use the Tor Browser to access our .onion address.


Jive Search gives you thousands of !bangs, a feature that lets you directly access a website. Simply type in "!" to see a list of !bangs. Set Jive Search as your default search engine to take full advantage of this feature from your browser's address bar.

Instant Answers

Jive Search quickly gives you the information you need via instant answers. No need to search the web endlessly for weather, stock and cryptocurrency quotes, among many other answers. New answers are added regularly!

To take full advantage of all that we have to offer, set Jive Search as your default search engine below!